Convert audio to CCITT u-Law

“I have a new Windows computer. I need to convert a sound file to CCITT u-Law 8000kHz 8Bit Mono to forward it to my 800# recording. I’m stumped.”

The way I convert files to CCITT u-Law is to save them using Adobe Audition. Unless you have a reason to do a ton of audio recording, I wouldn’t recommend that solution, because it’s expensive. Most of the solutions available for converting sound files to CCITT u-Law cost money, but there is one solution that converts audio to CCITT u-Law for free.

In this case, the solution I recommend is dbPowerAmp. I can’t tell you how many times this little audio tool has saved me when I need a quick solution. On the dbPowerAmp download page, you want the link that says dBpoweramp Music Converter.

After you install dbPowerAmp, you can access the audio conversion features by right-clicking on the audio file you want to convert.

dbPowerAmp right-click menu in Windows

Choose Convert from the right-click menu.

dbPowerAmp Music Converter options for converting a file to Wave

Leave Converting set to Wave, then click the button for Compressed. Click the compressed settings and change Format to CCITT u-Law, then pick 8,000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono in the Attributes. Back on the main converter page, click convert and you’ll be all set.

CCITT u-Law selected as Wave compression format

Depending on the requirements of your phone system, you might need to change the file extension from .wav to .au in order for the file to work properly. In most cases, you won’t need to make this change.