Send a Windows Movie Maker file using MSN Messenger

“Can you send a Windows Movie Maker video using send a file on MSN Messenger?”
If you want to send the Windows Movie Maker project file (the ones with file extension MSWMM) using the Send a file feature of MSN Messenger, it can be done, but the person at the other end will have a hard time knowing what to do with it. The Movie Maker project files are meant for creating movies, not for playing back on another computer. If you want to send your finished movie to someone using the Send a file feature of MSN, you should have no problem. Before you send the movie, make sure you publish your edited movie from the timeline first, following some basic steps.

From the File menu, choose Publish Movie. Next, choose the option to save the movie to your computer.
Name your movie file and choose a folder to save the movie in (My Videos is the default location).
Choose a setting like High Quality Video Small as the output option, because large files don’t tend to transfer well using MSN Messenger.
Once Movie Maker finishes creating your movie, you can use the Send a File feature of MSN Messenger to send it to the person you want to watch your movie.