How to Get Deleted Pictures Back

“I accidentally deleted photos from my digital camera memory card. Is there any way to get my deleted pictures back?”
I will warn you up front that there is no guaranteed method of recovering deleted files. When you delete anything, there’s always a chance you won’t get it back. There are solutions for recovering files and in many cases you can recover deleted pictures from your camera’s memory card. You can pick from several choices in software for recovering deleted photos, but I happen to like Zero Assumption Image Recovery.
The first thing to do before attempting any photo recovery is to stop taking pictures on your memory card (until you’ve recovered the deleted photos). Every new photo you take increases the chance you will overwrite the portion of your memory card where that deleted picture was stored, making recovery almost impossible.

Download and install Zero Assumption Image Recovery.
After installing the software on your computer, use a memory card reader to connect your digital camera’s memory card to your computer. The primary reason I suggest this is some data recovery takes longer than others and you don’t want your camera battery to die mid recovery and have something worse happen to your deleted photos. After you have the memory card in a reader connected to your PC, launch Zero Assumption Image Recovery and have it search your memory card for deleted files. The software detects all common image file formats, so no matter who makes your digital camera it should work.
If there are any deleted files to be found, use the Zero Assumption Image Recovery interface to copy them from the memory card to your computer’s hard drive. You don’t want to recover the photos to your memory card, because you could end up with corrupt files or a failed recovery.