Learn to Speed Read with AceReader Pro

My reading comprehension starts to drop if I’m pushing myself much beyond 300 words-per-minute. I’ve always loved reading; online, in print – give me information and I’ll digest it. I only wish I could read faster, so I could cover more ground. Fortunately, AceReader Pro is designed to help users boost their speed and comprehend more of what’s being read. Whether you read on the Kindle, newspapers, blogs, text books, or paperback novels, AceReader is designed to improve both speed and comprehension with continued practice. Assessment tests help you gauge your current skill level, using your education level to benchmark. Drills help increase your abilities by pushing you to read words at faster rates than you would under normal conditions.
More importantly, drills may be customized, allowing you to import your own text to further push the bounds of your abilities and learn with content that may be more specific to your reading needs. The time you’ll gain from faster reading will more than offset the cost of the application. The Deluxe version lets you create your own tests, which is useful for teachers or parents who are helping a student learn. A networked version, designed for lab environments, is also available, with the ability to control learning from a central administration point. The free 30-day demo is fully functional, missing only some additional text content for testing and drills. Download AceReader Pro to read faster and retain more of what you read. [Windows 9x/2k/XP/Vista/7 $49.95]