Evony Tips Help and Video Walkthrough

Evony is another of the increasingly popular massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) available for free. The game looks a great deal like Age of Empires II with a little live-action Settlers of Catan thrown in for good measure. The object of Evony is to build up the civilization in your town so that you can invade other towns and grow your empire. One of the most compelling reasons to play Evony is the price – the game is promised to be “free forever”, although I suspect that the option to buy additional coins with your real world funds will be more popular if the game gets traction with a large audience of players.

screen capture from the game Evony

Getting Started with Evony
The Routine Quest is your starting point to understanding all the aspects of Evony. Here you learn all the controls and keyboard actions. You build your first city and get a deeper understanding of how the game works before you engage in any multiplayer game play. You can ramp up quickly in the first quest, gaining some decent rewards and learning Evony interface controls.

Evony Strategy
While Evony is “free forever” one key way to get ahead early in the game is by purchasing extra coins with real money. This allows you to get key supplies faster than simply playing the game. At some point Evony may be dominated by people who spend the most in this “free” environment. You can obviously build more buildings faster if you have more resources to build with.

Population is impacted by two main things: The number of cottages you have and the level they are determine population limit. Your loyalty rating is the other factor. Loyalty of your peasants is directly related to how much you tax them. A lower tax rate increases loyalty, but decreases tax revenue, so you have to find the balance between the two. To determine your stable population, you need to know the maximum capacity of your cottages, and then multiply that my your loyalty as a percentage. So if your max population is 100 and your loyalty is 80 then 100 * .80 is a stable population of 80.

Flags determine who people are in relation to you. Gold is your flag color. Green is people allied with you. Blue is a friendly alliance. Red is a hostile alliance. Grey is anyone else.
Maximum number of Valleys you can have is determined by your town hall level. Valley levels change frequently based on changes in town hall level, so be sure to check prior to your invasion to make sure you haven’t just attacked a much stronger valley.

Building a new city requires 10,000 of each of your resources (including gold), 250 workers, a flat, and Knight rank. Keep the workers and all resources in the original city when you begin building a new city. After completing your first city in this manner, you need an additional promotion to build future cities.

Academy level determines what types of things you can build in your settlement. Additional research helps you invent new and better buildings and materials. For things like Lumbering and Mining, it can also help determine how much material you can harvest.

Recruiting a Hero
To recruit a hero you need both a Feasting Hall and an Inn. The Inn is where you recruit the hero and the Feasting Hall is where they “live”.

Annoying Chat Requests
At the beginning, you need to focus on building up your civilization, so that you have a strong thriving foundation. For small buildings, you can accomplish this with a speed-up mode that completes buildings at slightly faster than game speed. For more elaborate projects, it may require letting the game run while you go do something else for a bit.

Like many MMORPG games, there are already people prowling for lude conversation on the Evony chat service. Unless you enjoy being bothered with that sort of thing, I highly recommend switching chat to the Private Only mode to avoid the creeps.