RoboForm2Go Portable Password Manager

A great password manager is something we all need in this world of security breaches and personal data theft. It has never been safe to use the same password for every login, but data breaches at major email providers makes that even more true.
While I’ve tested LastPass and 1Password at various points in time, I find myself returning to RoboForm as my password manager of choice. It works on Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone, making it a universal place to store your passwords. The mobile versions support an additional pin code on top of the authentication for your phone, which further protects your passwords on mobile. And as with any password manager, you can keep a unique password for every service you use, without the need to commit each password to memory or use simple passwords that data theives can easily discover.
RoboForm syncs securely to an online server so that all devices remain in sync after a new password is added or a required password change takes place.
Download RoboForm now and start protecting your passwords.