How to Record and Send a Webcam Email

“How can I record and send a Webcam email?”
There are several different ways you can send Webcam videos via email. If you have software like YouCam, you can record the video in the software, then send the video as an attachment to your email message. While sending a video attachment works, I don’t recommend that method because video attachments in email are frequently rejected by the email service provider of the person you are sending the email to. A better alternative is to sign up for a free video email service designed to store the video for you and then email a link to the message recipient. More specifically, I recommend the free version of Eyejot.

Sending Video Email with Eyejot
Once you sign up for a free Eyejot account sending a Webcam video in an email message is easy. Just follow these steps”
1) Sign in to your Eyejot account.
2) Click on the Compose New Message button
3) Click Allow when Adobe Flash asks you to access your camera and microphone
Activate Webcam Access
4) Record your webcam message by clicking the record button to start (hitting the stop button when you finish recording)
5) Type a subject for your message
6) Add one or more addresses to your message
7) Include any notes in the Notes space
8) Send your Webcam email
record and send a webcam email with Eyejot
The person you send your message to will be able to easily watch your Webcam email as soon as they receive it. Eyejot also has a Pro version that allows you to record longer videos and upload pre-recorded videos in addition to recording videos instantly with your Webcam.
For further details on Webcam emails, read about how to email video with Hotmail and how to send video by email.