How do I get TextAloud to work on my iPod Touch?

“How do I get TextAloud to work on my iPod Touch?”
TextAloud is a great text-to-speech software solution for Windows, but it does not currently offer a version that runs directly on an iPod Touch. Any files created with TextAlound on your PC should play on your iPod Touch, but the software isn’t designed to work on cell phones or MP3 player hardware. Think of TextAloud as more like a companion to your iPod instead. Convert text from your PC to audio files, then copy those audio files to your iPod Touch for playback.

As someone with years of experience using TextAloud, I highly recommend investing in the optional AT&T Natural Voices, which dramatically enhance the sound quality of your audio over the default voice options. Used in combination with free book files from Project Gutenberg, I’ve found TextAloud to be a highly affordable way to listen to classic books on the go, using TextAloud as the conduit for converting the book files to audio files.