Sony eBook Library Software – eBook reader for your PC

If you like the idea of ebooks, but find the idea of separate hardware for reading ebooks cumbersome, Sony eBook Library Software may be right up your alley. The software looks similar to iTunes, with location filters for folders and the online store in a left side navigation, with most of the interaction in a center pane. Like iTunes, you can browse a store from the interface, locating the books you want to download. One of the key features making this free ebook software appealing is the collection of 500,000 titles from Google Books specially formatted for reading both in the eBook Library Software and on the Sony Reader hardware. Literary classics are among the available titles, as are many historic works of non-fiction. You can find a number of out-of-print books in the Google collection which are unavailable in most other places. If you have a Netbook, like my HP Mini 1000, this is a great companion software solution for adding useful functionality to an already highly portable tool. Dowload eBook Library Software free from Sony. ebook prices vary by title. [Windows XP/Vista $0.00]