How to Cancel an eFax Account

I don’t normally delve into how to cancel services, but I wanted to cancel my eFax account and found the process frustrating.I’m hoping my experience will help you out too. If you recently upgraded to a new computer running Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows 7 (which is most new computers these days) you will find that the eFax software no longer works with your computer. I was okay with this because I could still send faxes using the eFax Web interface or via email, but after a couple of mangled faxes (the recipient informed me that the print was enlarged by several hundred percent), I decided it was time to try another solution. Ultimately I switched to a service called MyFax, but this still left me figuring out how to cancel my existing eFax account, so I wasn’t left with two online fax accounts.

The easiest way to cancel eFax will be to follow either their cancel link here:
Or to call customer service at 1-323-817-3205.
Neither of these options is found easily on the eFax site, but with a little searching you can track it down. If you go the Web route, you will be in a chat session with an eFax rep who will try and entice you to stay. In my case, they offered the equivalent of 2 free months, but your mileage may vary. Be prepared to ask to cancel your account more than once in order to accomplish your goal and by all means be polite to the rep, they are simply doing their job in trying to retain your business.