Locking HDMI Cables? Really?

Locking HDMI Cable I can almost buy the hype Monster tries to sell us about needing heavily shielded HDMI cables. I say almost because there’s some good evidence to suggest that you’re simply overpaying for HDMI cables when you purchase the ones with fancy marketing and promises of better picture quality through shielding. Taking HDMI cables to new marketing heights is the new Locking HDMI Cable from PPC. It’s designed to stay in an HDMI slot better than standard cables using special patent-pending locking technology. According to the marketing hype, these locking cables are:

“Especially important for highly-active games that feature constant movement, the PPC Locking HDMI Cable stays in place with exclusive patented technology that secures the cable onto a port 3 times stronger than with conventional cables.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but even with a game like DDR I’m keeping the console firmly in one place, not strapped to my back as I jump and spin to the music. As I’ve said repeatedly in the past, Monoprice.com is the place to go for HDMI cables that work well and won’t break the bank.
If you’re just looking for some good entertainment, it is fun to watch the video on the PPC site where a guy picks up a monitor by the HDMI cable connected to the back, just don’t get duped into thinking you need one.