Tribal Trouble 2 Walkthrough, Cheats and Tips for

Tribal Trouble 2 takes the Oddlabs viking crew online for a multiplayer experience a bit like World of Warcraft. Like many other free MMORPG titles, Tribal Trouble 2 provides gaming advantage to the players who purchase additional points. You build up viking hordes to conquer rivals and capture treasures, gaining points for upgraded facilities and a stronger fighting force, but the advantage goes to those who spend money on points. If you’re not planning to spend money and want to play for free, you need all the help you can get.

Download Tribal Trouble for your desktop.
Tribal Trouble 2 Stragtegy Basics
When you arrive on an island, you start with a small crew and must build your forces to meet the objectives.
Game speed: You can speed up the game using the + key on your keyboard. Tapping the + key once puts the game in Fast mode, 2 taps of the + key increase to Faster mode, and 3 taps increase the game to Ludicrous speed (sorry Barf if not your viking hero). One thing to remember about game speed is that it resets each time you go to a new island.
Points: You acquire points in one of two ways, either by looting islands in solo missions or by purchasing points from the bank.
Building Upgrades: Points are required to upgrade your buildings and fighting forces. After you complete the tutorial, you can upgrade your hall and armory, which are key for having more forces and storing more goods for building weapons.
Capture the Treasure
Capturing treasure requires being the viking to occupy the treasure space the longest. One way to get a jump on the competition is to send one peasant viking to stand next to the treasure while the rest of the crew builds your hall and armory. You won’t get a massive jump on the competition, but every second counts. To avoid slowing your building time, upgrade your armory and add a few extra starting peasants to your crew.