Remove Audio from Part of a Movie Maker Project

“I seem to be only able to have audio or video for the entire movie, no trouble editing just can’t seem to have both. I would like to hear my daughter talking, but not all the time. Music as well.”
You can segment your video so that audio only plays some of the time, but that requires splitting the video on the editing timeline each time you want to mute the audio to create clips from your larger video segment. Follow the steps here to customize your audio track.

Even when you want to use a continuous segment of video, you need to split the video on the timeline at points where you want to mute the audio. This is because Movie Maker does not allow you to decouple the audio from the video. So you would place the timeline marker at the point where you want to start muting the audio and click the split track button. Next, move the timeline marker to the endpoint where the audio should be muted and click the split track button again. Then right-click the audio portion of the section you want muted and choose Mute from the menu. Repeat these steps each place you want to mute the audio. A sound track inserted on the Audio/Music track of your Movie Maker project works the same way.
Mute segments of my Movie Maker project