Roxio Buzz error “The display adapter does not meet minimum requirements”

“Roxio Buzz came with my Gigabyte motherboard which I purchased with my ATI Radeon HD 4770 video card. I get this message “The display adapter does not meet minimum requirements”,. I don’t understand how Roxio cannot support a video card that came out only two months ago.”

Roxio Buzz stopped being developed awhile ago, although it does still pop up in some bundles like the one you got with your motherboard.The software was a great idea when it first appeared on the scene as a way to quickly edit videos and upload them to YouTube. Most of the important features of Roxio Buzz are now rolled into the Roxio Creator software bundle. There are some possible explanations for why your new video card isn’t supported, but there’s no chance you’ll see a fix released to solve the issue.

The primary source of your problem in Roxio Buzz is reliance on Microsoft’s Video Mixing Renderer 9. The software checks to see if it can find this and if it can’t the error “The display adapter does not meet minimum requirements” appears. This doesn’t mean your video card doesn’t actually meet the minimum requirements, it means your video card isn’t recognized properly by the software.

Another potential issue is improperly detecting DirectX 9 or DirectX 10 on your system, which goes back to the Video Mixing Renederer issue. If Roxio Buzz can’t properly assess which version of DirectX you have installed, it may not be able to make your software work. For Windows XP, your one hope may be that you haven’t installed updates that include DirectX 9 on your PC yet. You can download DirectX 9 from Microsoft. Windows Vista already has DirectX 10 installed.

You can verify your version of DirectX by going to Start > Run and typing dxdiag before clicking ok. A bunch of details about your computer media support are included in the resulting report.