How to Print a Playlist of Music

“I have a large number of music playlists. I want to print playlist files of my music so that I can keep a record of my music collection.”
Depending on what you currently use to manage your music collection, printing playlists might require additional software. To print a playlist in iTunes, for instance, you simply need to choose the playlist and Print from the File menu. Windows Media Player does not include the ability to print playlists, so you need to use another application. For most playlist management, I recommend using MediaMonkey, which has a ton of features you can’t get from either Windows Media Player or iTunes.

Before you can print a playlist, you need to download MediaMonkey and install the software.
Printing a playlist in MediaMonkey is very straightforward. If you created the playlist in another application (like Windows Media Player) you will need to import the playlist first by adding it to your library, but you can also create playlists in MediaMonkey.
Once you’ve got the playlist open in MediaMonkey, showing the full list of songs in the playlist, simply choose File > Create Reports and choose the type of report you want to generate. MediaMonkey outputs either HTML playlists, XML playlists, CSV or Microsoft Excel files, allowing you plenty of options for configuring a list you can use anywhere.
Print Playlists with MediaMonkey