Kindle for PC – Ebook Reader Software

I’ve mentioned several times about how much I enjoy have a Kindle. The format is an absolute joy to read on, without all the eye fatigue I feel after several hours of staring at an LCD screen. For my travel schedule, the greatest thing about the Kindle is I can bring the 3-5 books I’m reading at any given time, without needing all the physical space created by having those books in my backpack. Of course, if I ever forget my Kindle, then I don’t have any of those books. Amazon makes a Kindle iPhone app, but since I use an Android phone, that doesn’t help. Enter the Kindle for PC software. As long as I have a computer and Internet connection, I can still download all of my Kindle library. The reading experience does not match up with the Kindle device, because reading on a PC comes with eye fatigue. Being able to adjust font size and reading column width are a great advantage over paper, because you can optimize the page for faster reading, but it remains imperfect. Like the Kindle hardware, if you finish a book, you can always download a new one. If you think you might want a Kindle, don’t use this software to judge against the quality of the reading experience; it’s just not the same. But if you have a Kindle and want to share your library with another family member (or simply forgot your Kindle) this is an acceptable alternative. [Windows 7/Vista/XP $0.00]

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