Windows 7 Upgrade from Vista or XP

As part of my latest round of videos I did for HP, Andru Edwards and I walked through the process of upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista (and XP). There are two primary scenarios you might be going through if you decide to upgrade. You’re either going to replace the operating system on your current computer or you’re going to buy a new computer and need to move all your files and settings. In either case, it’s important to backup all your important files, so you don’t end up losing anything in the process. Through a couple of videos, we walk you through the steps required to backup your files safely and complete a Windows 7 upgrade.

In this first video, Andru Edwards and I show you how to backup your files for upgrading to Windows 7. If you are upgrading from Windows Vista, everything you need is already installed on your computer. To upgrade from Windows XP, you need to download the WIndows Easy Transfer Wizard for XP.

In the second video, we step through what’s required to transfer your old files and settings to Windows 7.