How to Unlock iPod Screen Lock Code

“Do you know if I can reset the defaults on my iPod without using iTunes? my iPod is locked and I don’t know the code to unlock my iPod. When I connect it to iTunes the iPod won’t unlock.”
If you set a screen lock code on your iPod, connecting the iPod to the original computer you first synced the iPod to should unlock the screen allowing you to reset the iPod screen lock code to something else. When that does not work, restoring your iPod to factory settings will reset the iPod screen lock code, which also results in deleting everything on your iPod, so be sure you have a back up before you start. If connecting to your computer doesn’t solve your screen lock problem, look at these other options to get your iPod back in action.

Restore iPod with iPod Updater
The iPod Updater software comes with iTunes and allows you to update the software version of your iPod. If your screen lock won’t work by simply connecting to iTunes, you can re-run the iPod Updater, which overwrites all the settings on your iPod including the screen lock code. Keep in mind that doing this deletes all files on your iPod, so you will need to resync after you are done.