Will my USB headset work with my Xbox 360?

“I have a USB 2.0 Logitech headset. Will my USB headset work with an Xbox 360?”
The Xbox 360 console has specific requirements for any headset you want to use to communicate in games or when chatting via the Xbox Live Vision camera. The primary requirement is the headset must connect to the headset jack in your game controller. Since the controllers all use a 2.5mm audio input (similar to the jack found on many cell phones), using a USB 2.0 headset is simply not an option.
Does this mean you’re stuck purchasing a headset from Microsoft?

Fortunately, there are many options other than the official Xbox 360 headsets from Microsoft. If you prefer the Logitech brand of headsets, the Logitech Cordless Headset is one option you could choose, which is slightly cheaper than the official Xbox 360 wireless headset. Plantronics makes the much cheaper wired Xbox 360 Headset-Earbud, which looks very similar to many of the Plantronics cell phone headset options.