Two new Bags for Apple iPad

iPad Bag Cache by Tom BihnQuickly following Apple’s announcement of the new Apple iPad, my favorite Seattle-based computer bag company, Tom Bihn announced two iPad additions to their product line. Cache, a protective sleeve, is designed to safely store your iPad and protect it from damage as you carry it anywhere. Cache has the added advantage of being airport Checkpoint Friendly, which means you don’t have to remove your iPad from the Cache when going through security screening.
For over-the-shoulder convenience, the Ristretto for iPad comes in 5 different color combinations with enough room for your iPad, along with a days worth of travel supplies for commuting to and from anywhere. If you don’t have an iPad, the Ristretto would also make a great Netbook bag.
My Tom Bihn Brain Bag has traveled to China, Taiwan, and all over the US. It still holds up as well as the day I got it. To date it remains the best bag I’ve ever owned. As an added bonus, I could walk down the street from my Seattle office and say hello to the people who made it.