Evernote – Your personal digital memory

For all the gadgets and software I use, making notes is something I still do with pen and paper. When I think of something related to a project or an event, I scribble it down in a Moleskin notebook for later reference. That system works great until I either don’t have my notebook handy or I need to look something up and can’t remember when I wrote it down or how I filed it. As a result, I’m attempting to ween myself off of paper and into a digital note taking solution. Evernote is one solution I tried the first time I attempted this, so it’s the solution I’m returning to this time as well. It was me that failed the transition, not Evernote.

One reason I think I will succeed this time around is convenient access to my notes from either my computer or my Android phone (Evernote also has an iPhone app). Last time I tried Evernote, I didn’t have a phone with apps. Beyond the Web interface, the phone apps are what really makes Evernote great. You can take a picture and send it to your Evernote account for future reference. You can upload files. You can simply jot down notes.

All of the data you store in Evernote becomes searchable for later retrieval. Using separate note categories and using tags to label your notes, finding the data later is a snap. While there is a pay version with more features, the free version of Evernote is excellent and will get you more organized more quickly.

If you’re one of those people who stores everything in your head for later recall (even with a notebook I’m guilty of that), give Evernote a try. In addition to feeling more organized, you will probably sleep better at night because you won’t be thinking about all the stuff you can’t afford to forget.

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