How to Move Applications to a New Computer

“I’m buying a new computer and I don’t want to reinstall all my applications on the new computer. Is there any way I can copy applications, software, and settings from my old computer to a new PC?”
One of the slowest parts of upgrading to a new computer is having to re-install software. There is one solution I recommend for moving applications to a new computer. While I have found a handful of situations where it won’t work, in most cases every application on your old computer will be moved, including your preferences, and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

The solution I recommend for moving applications to a new computer is PCMover. It’s not free, but the time you save is well worth the price. Buying PCMover allows you to install it on the old computer and the new computer, transfer applications and important settings from the old PC to the new PC, along with any files you want to move.
The only instances I’ve seen where PCMover won’t work is for software that relies on a unique machine ID from the old computer in order to run. In those cases, you typically have to install the software on the new computer and re-register it with the company that makes the software.