Why cant I see my toolbar on Internet Explorer?

“Why cant I see my tool bar on Internet Explorer?”
There are a bunch of reasons that toolbars don’t show up in Internet Explorer, so it might be hard to diagnose why your toolbar went away. Instead I will focus on how you can get it back. I’m going to walk through how to do this with Internet Explorer 8, because if you are using IE, you should really be using version 8 for all kinds of security reasons. If you’re on an older version of IE, upgrade before you go any further. Once you’re using IE 8, follow the steps to recovering your toolbar.

IE makes it fairly easy to add and remove toolbars from view. The one thing that might be a little confusing is that newer versions of IE have removed the Menu bar that includes File, Edit, View, etc. You can restore this and other toolbars by clicking on it in the toolbar list. As long as the Command Bar is still visible, you can click Tools and then choose which Toolbars to add and remove. You can see the Command Bar pictured below.
IE8 Command Bar
You can then hide or unhide any installed toolbar in Internet Explorer.
IE8 toolbar list
If the Command Bar is the toolbar you are missing you can still recover it by using a keyboard shortcut to reveal the Menu Bar. Hold down the CTRL key and click V (CTRL+V) in order to reveal the View menu where the Toolbar list is located. From there you can unhide any of the toolbars you want to use.
If the toolbar you want to use is not included in either of these locations, you may need to reinstall it on your computer.