Can I put songs from on my iPod?

“Now that Apple owns can I transfer songs on to iTunes and then to my iPod?”
In order to put songs from your account into iTunes and on your iPod, you need a account. You also need to have purchased the download version of the song. Any song you can download as an MP3 from Lala can be added to your iPod. Songs that are web songs, cannot be added to iTunes or copied to your iPod. You do need some additional software to make it easy. offers a Music Mover application, which is basically some free software you install on your computer to add music to either iTunes or Windows Media Player. After you download Lala Music Mover and install it, you can begin transferring MP3 downloads from Lala to your iTunes Library.
After the songs are in your iTunes Library, you follow the usual steps to put the songs on your iPod.