Virtual Villagers 4 The Tree of Life Walkthrough Tips Tricks and Cheats

Last Day of Work continues to hit it out of the park with their Virtual Villagers series. In the 4th installment, The Tree of Life, we find the village chief concerned about the state of life on the island. He sends a group of islanders on a quest to save the Isle of Isola. Of course, if you’re going to help the islanders, you may need some help along the way, which is where this guide comes in handy. Read on for tips and tricks for solving the puzzles on the island and be sure to download Virtual Villagers 4 to get you started.

Common Virtual Villagers 4 Questions
Where can I get more food?
If you don’t have the technology for more food, make sure you have at least 2 children around to gather mushrooms for extra food points. This can save your village in times of trouble.
I added berries to my stew and it didn’t work, now what?
The final ingredient of every stew is food from the food bin (exception being the grand stew).
Why can’t I move the stone to cover the hole?
Moving a stone requires a villager who is both an adept builder and an adept scientist.
Why do villagers complain my stew is too salty?
Edible stews should only be made from fresh water not salt water.
I tried to make clothes and they turned into stew, what happened?
Making manufactured goods requires salt water. This could also happen when making soap. Fresh water is for edible stew.
How can I get more builders after construction projects are complete?
There are two ways to continue to train builders after completing all construction projects. Option one is to place them on huts requiring repair. Option two is use villagers to keep clear the blockage at the top of the cliff so it doesn’t reblock the stream.