liteCam – Desktop Screen Recorder

I use a number of different screen recording apps depending on what I’m trying to accomplish. If there’s a video I want to save, like a video chat window or streaming news broadcast that can’t be downloaded, liteCam is currently one of the best solutions. The software allows you to choose the portion of the screen you want to record, it offers customized audio settings, and you can configure the number of frames per second to capture, giving you plenty of flexibility about the recording quality. The key selling point of liteCam, at least for me, is scheduled recording. One of my favorite uses for liteCam is recording on screen demos that are scheduled by companies at times that aren’t always convenient for me to watch. I record the video and then I can watch it later when I have time. The price is reasonable and a 30-day trial allows you to make sure the software will work for your needs before you buy. Whether you’re recording streaming news, a webcam chat, or a quick walkthrough of how to solve a computer problem, liteCam will work for almost any need. [Windows XP/Vista/7 $19.99]

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