What is a Good Laptop Headset with Microphone?

“What do you recommend as a good laptop headset with microphone for making Skype calls and voice recording?”
If you have a laptop with Bluetooth built in, you can frequently use the same Bluetooth headset you would use for your cellphone for placing Skype calls. This can get confusing if you get a phone call on your cell phone while you’re in the middle of a Skype call on your laptop, so having a separate headset with built-in microphone often makes things a bit easier. I have a few recommendations for headsets I like.

Portable Laptop Headset with Microphone
Plantronics Audio 470 USB laptop headset with microphonePlantronics makes great headsets in general, but I specifically like the Plantronics Audio 470 USB because it’s highly flexible in features. The headset framework is collapsible, making the entire thing easy to store in a laptop bag for transport. It includes the option to connect either via USB or standard analog microphone and headphone ports on your computer. Dual ear headphones help with isolating the sound of the call from all the sounds around you if you place Skype calls in public places.
Logitech Laptop Headset
Logitech USB notebook headset with microphoneThe other company that makes excellent laptop headsets is Logitech. I’m picking out their so-called Logitech Premium Notebook Headset because it offers the behind-the-head style earphones, which can be more comfortable if you wear your headset all day. Similar to the Plantronics headset mentioned above, this headset also includes analog and USB connection options, making it a versatile solution for connecting to a variety of computers.