Ion USB Turntable and iTunes AIFF Files

” I have an ION TTUSB Turntable. Using the turntable and my PC I’d like to import music on vinyl encoded as AIFF files and then burn them to a CD-R. iTunes gives me an import setting that allows me to select AIFF encoding, but I’m getting the impression that EZ Converter only encodes as MP3 files, despite setting the import setting at AIFF. Is the Ion TTUSB working with iTunes limited to encoding as MP3s?”
The EZ Converter software that ships with ION TTUSB turntables only records audio as AIFF to iTunes for Mac OS X. If you are using your turntable with Windows, the software is limited to converting vinyl to MP3.

For more options in converting records to digital music files, I look to Spin it Again. The software supports uncompressed audio formats and does an amazing job of automatically splitting the side of a record into individual tracks. It also removes pop and hiss sounds caused by playing back the record.