Who gets the HP Data Vault?

The feedback for the Data Vault giveaway is excellent. 139 of you took the time to share your pain of data loss with rest of us. If you are a long time reader, you likely remember my own data disaster from 2004. If you’re new here, you can read the gory details, along with the reprise performance. The Internet has a handy way of helping me remember even the things I’d rather forget.
But more to the point, it’s time to announce the recipient of the Data Vault. After gathering the names into a digital that Siew H Allen was selected as the random recipient. You can read Siew’s unfortunate digital disaster here.
While having a hardware solution for all your files, like the HP Data Vault, is absolutely essential to preventing data loss, I also find it helpful to have multiple backup strategies. An additional backup strategy is particularly important if you find yourself computing remotely on slower connections (like 3G). For a fast recovery of your entire operating system, look to Acronis True Image. Combined with a thumb drive, you can easily duplicate files in between connections to your business or home network using software like Second Copy or Cobian Backup. If you have a Mac, don’t hesitate to make use of Time Machine. I also really like solutions like KeepVault (which is available directly or via the HP Data Vault) and Jungle Disk for simple and effective online backups.
Back to the giveaway – you can still enter for your chance at a Data Vault at these other sites:
1) Hardwaresphere
2) Slashgear
3) Geekazine
4) Absolutely Windows
5) Gottabemobile
Conditions of the giveaway vary by site.