Cancel MSN Premium and Keep Email?

“I have MSN Premium service and they gave me a Hotmail email account with an email address If I discontinue MSN for Internet service, will my existing Hotmail (now Windows-Live-Hotmail) account go away? Will I have to change the part?”
If you can keep up with the number of times Microsoft has changed the name of their email offering, you’re doing better than most people. MSN Premium stopped making sense when the Windows Live free products started offering more features than the pay version. With the exception of a dial-up service offering, MSN Premium simply doesn’t have anything to offer that can’t be had for free somewhere else. The good news for you is canceling your account does not mean giving up your email address. If you contact the MSN Premium service to cancel, they will help you convert your Premium account to a free account accessible through the standard Windows Live Hotmail login. Save yourself about $10 per month and cancel your account without worrying about needing to change your email address.