Windows Remote Desktop for Android

“Is there a version of Windows Remote Desktop for Android phones?”
There are so many times that I need to access something on my computer when I’m away from my desk that having a remote desktop client on my phone seems priceless. Remote Desktop, which is available to accept connections from most versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, is among the easiest solutions for remote connections from other Windows computers, but connecting from the tiny screen on a Droid or Nexus One can be a little more challenging. There are RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) clients for using Windows remote desktop with Android, although none is perfect.

The remote desktop client that appears to be the best of the bunch is Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client. At $19.95 through Android Marketplace, it’s a little more expensive than most apps, but it’s also incredibly useful. Xtralogic Remote Desktop supports SSL and Network Level Authentication for secure connections to your Windows computer. You can pinch and zoom on any device with multi-touch support. Zoom in on the desktop to see your remote workspace. Xtralogic will send sounds from your computer to your phone. The software optimizes the connection on-the-fly depending on the connection speed you have available. Don’t expect this to feel like sitting at your computer, but if you need to access a file you left on your desktop or check in on something that won’t run from your Android phone natively, Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client pays for itself by providing reliable remote access.