How to Email Flip Mino HD MPEG-4 Videos

“I have a Flip Mino HD. I need to email video in MPEG-4. Flip records in this but the problem is that the file must be reduced. How do I do that?”
Sending video in an email is always a tricky proposition because email programs don’t work very well for sending large attachments. Most video tends to be well over the email attachment threshold and if you want to email HD video, you are definitely going to be outside the acceptable size for an email attachment. A better solution is to put the video somewhere that the person you email it to can download from.

The best way I’ve found for sharing videos with someone via email is to upload them to a file hosting service that supports sharing. One great solution for this is Dropbox, which allows you to upload up to 2GB of files for free.
After you create a Dropbox account, you first upload the file to your Dropbox account and then share the file by inviting one or more people via email. Dropbox automatically notifies the people you invite, giving them access to the video. After the person gets access, they download your MPEG-4 file and you’ve successfully shared the video.