Convert PowerPoint to Video with PPT2Video Pro

I get a fair number of questions about how to convert PowerPoint ppt and pptx files to video. Over the years I keep trying different solutions, with some resulting in better output than others. For me, there are two greatly important factors – the software needs to be able to automatically translate all the effects you included in your presentation and it also needs to have great looking video in the final output. Most recently I tried out PPT2Video Pro and came away pleasantly surprised with the results.

PPT2Video Pro makes converting one or many PowerPoint presentations easy. You add the files you want to convert, choose the options you want, and let the software do its thing. One of the things I really like about PPT2Video Pro is all the preset video output options. They’ve included video options for displaying your presentation on large HD screens all the way down to output for iPod and iPhone. All the versions I tested did a great job, but if you want further customization, you can create your own custom setting and save it.
Transitions are another important component in converting PPT to Vidoe. The software supports both video transitions and sound, so you get a complete export all in one package. You can either set the slide timing in PowerPoint, or you can set the timing in PPT2Video Pro. I really like the fact that the software respects the PowerPoint settings, so you don’t end up with awkward timing.
If you want to override sounds in a presentation, PPT2Video Pro supports that too. You can add background music to one or many slideshows, with an option to loop your music if it doesn’t match the presentation length.
PPT2Video Pro isn’t perfect. In order to maintain sync sound with any audio used in your presentation, you have to download a separate sound recorder after you install PPT2Video Pro. After you do this secondary install, the app works great for recording sound. Another minor annoyance is that you can’t use PowerPoint while the app is doing conversion, so if you need to edit a PowerPoint presentation while you are converting another one, be sure you’ve got a second computer handy.
All-in-all, I recommend PPT2Video Pro as a great solution for converting PPT and PPTX files to any video format. For $49 it’s affordable and far less hassle than other solutions out there.
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