TuneUp for iTunes and Windows Media Player

For being the most widely used music manager on the planet, iTunes is a fairly lousy music manager. It routinely can’t find the correct track information or incorrectly assigns track information to songs. It largely seems to happen with songs not purchased through iTunes, which makes me suspicious that the failings are by design.
Enter TuneUp, which does a great job of tracking down all that missing song information. Unlike iTunes, which takes a wild guess at what your tracks are, TuneUp plays the tracks with missing data to figure out what they are. Instead of having a bunch of songs labeled Track 1, you get the real song data, correct album art, and a better organized music collection using TuneUp. Made for both Mac and Windows, TuneUp Lite is free for the first 100 albums. If you decide you like it, you can save 20% using the link below.
Download TuneUp for iTunes and try out the free version on your Mac or PC. If you use coupon code BIG20, you can save 20% if you decide to buy TuneUp.

TuneUp also works with Windows Media Player. While it’s far from perfect, Windows Media Player does a reasonably good job in correctly labeling many types of music. TuneUp does a great job of catching the stuff WMP misses because it plays the tracks to verify what the songs are. I still prefer Media Monkey to either of these other media players, but find iTunes in particular to be a necessary evil in working with iPhone and iPad devices. Using TuneUp makes the experience more tolerable.