Fable III Free Bonus Content Downloads

Fable III is out for Xbox 360 and there are a number of ways to get free bonus content to help you along the way in playing the game. Literally right from the box, Fable III offers free Xbox Live Marketplace content in the form of a 240MB free game content download. You need a redeem code found in the clam shell to claim the Fable III bonus content. This first offering includes male and female Highlander outfits, complete with Highlander tattoos meant to be a clever disguise when they are unlocked in the storyline. A Summon Creatures potion and Slow Time potion are also included. For your dog, there’s a potion to turn it into a red setter. All items will appear in the gift queue in the Sanctuary, but won’t be available until you reach the appropriate point in the story line.

More free content is available depending on where you buy the game. Best Buy currently has a redeem code for a free sword called The Channeler and complementing Crystal Tattoo set.
As soon as you launch the game, if you tap the toast button before hitting start you can get additional free weapons in the form of the 240MB collection containing the Bloodstone Bludgeon hammer and a rifle called Gusket’s Musket. Like the other free items, they will be available in the gift queue in the Sanctuary as soon as they are unlocked in the storyline.
Fable III free bonus content download