MyPaint Digital Painting Program

If you want to freehand computer drawing, MyPaint is a great free digital painting program to get you started. Available primarily for Windows, MyPaint also has Linux and Mac OS X distrubutions. MyPaint offers digital paint editing, compatible with either your graphics tablet or mouse. A huge assortment of digital paint brushes make everything from creating complex textures, to intricate shading, to simple line drawing look amazing. The only thing MyPaint is missing is the artistic skill to create the drawings. Tools are constructed with keyboard shortcut toggling to make sure you can easily maximize the digital paint canvas on your screen and only interrupt your drawing with tools when necessary. If you can’t find one of the many realistic paint brushes to fit your needs, MyPaint allows you to create your own. Other key features include layer support, color sampling, and non-destructive Undo. Digital paintings are saved in Open Raster format (.ora) or exported to PNG or JPG compressed image formats. [Windows/Linux/Mac $0.00]

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MyPaint Digital Painting Software