Preparing for Black Friday in the Dark

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I’m getting an early dose of winter this week, with snow, a power outage, and roads blocked by trees all at the same time. Normally, Bainbridge Island gets a couple of days of snow each year, with everything melting off by the next day. And power outages are a common occurence because of all the large trees, which do fall down from time to time. This is the first time I’ve seen 2 of the 3 routes from my house to the ferry blocked by trees.

Having my power out is slowing down the collection of annual Black Friday coupons I pull together for newletter subscribers. For the past several years, I scour the Web and work with software vendors to find coupons that aren’t the standard offerings at every major retail outlet. This year will be no exception, I just may have to spend more time at my Seattle office putting the list together. Assuming the lights stay on, look for some great bargains on software coming your way early Friday morning. If the lights are out, Black Friday may be a bit more literal than I’d like. Maybe it’s time for an extended tutorial in how to wire your house with alternative energy sources. 🙂