iThoughtsHD iPad Mind Mapping App

iPad iThoughtsHD app iThoughtsHD I use mind mapping to organize my thoughts for all kinds of projects. From outlining the contents of an ebook project to trying to pull together all the ideas of a project plan, a mind map helps me visualize how various pieces fit together. I’m finding I really like mind mapping on my iPad, because the touch screen allows me to interact with my mind maps in a completely different way. iThoughtsHD is by far the most feature rich mind map app for iPad. I can quickly build my mind map of interrelated items, color code sections, as well as add icons for visual presnetation. iThoughtsHD supports the iPad VGA adapter, which means the iPad works for mind mapping presentations. Dropbox support is built in, so you can share files easily to your desktop, with version control. TextExpander allows you to insert frequently used phrases and URLs into your mind map. iThoughtsHD supports all the major mind map formats, including Freemind/Freeplane, Novamind 4 and 5, MindManager 6+, XMind, iMindmap, Mindview 3, ConceptDraw, MINDMAP 6, and OPML files, so you can easy take your work back to a desktop application. As I said recently on Twitter, iThoughtsHD is currently my favorite iPad app.