How can I export my Firefox bookmarks?

“I want to export my Firefox bookmarks on my desktop and add them to another computer. Is there a way to export bookmarks from Firefox?”
You can export your bookmarks from Firefox bookmarks a couple of different ways depending on where you plan to import them. If you want to export your Firefox bookmarks to use in another browser, you need to save them as HTML, but if you plan to import them into Firefox on another computer, you can use the backup function. Here’s how to export your Firefox bookmarks in either scenario.

To access either FIrefox bookmark export option, you need to click the Bookmarks menu and choose the option to Organize Bookmarks.
If you plan to export your Firefox bookmarks to install in Firefox on another computer, you can use the backup feature for bookmarks. For the backup option, choose Backup from the Import and Backup dropdown menu at the top of the Bookmarks Library widow. This saves your bookmarks as a .json file, which can then be imported into any other Firefox install. Keep in mind that the import will overwrite your existing bookmarks on the new computer, so you may want to make a backup of those before doing the import.
Backup Firefox Bookmarks
If you want to export Firefox bookmarks for the purpose of importing them into another browser, like Google Chrome for instance, you will want to use the Export HTML option to export your bookmarks.
Export Firefox Bookmarks
In either case, you will then need to transfer the export or backup file to the new computer where you plan to use the bookmarks and follow the import procedure specific to the browser you plan to use. For Firefox, it’s a simple matter of Going to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks and then clicking Import and Backup, choosing Restore, and then selecting your file.