How to Call Someone From Your Computer

“There are times when I’m traveling and can’t get cell phone reception. I’ve heard you can call someone from your computer. How can I make a phone call from my PC?”
Many software applications offer the ability to make a phone call from your computer to a landline phone or cell phone. This typically requires a fairly fast Internet connection so that the call quality is acceptable for the person on the other end of the call. Anytime I need to call someone from my computer, I use Skype.

The reason I prefer Skype to call someone from a computer is it works on many computer platforms. Most of the time, the Skype audio quality is as good or better than using a cell phone.
Skype can make calls to any traditional phone using the Skype Out feature. This does cost a small amount of money, which varies depending on the length of the call and the geographic region of the call, but in most cases it’s fairly inexpensive. If the person you are calling also has a Skype account, you can call them for free.
For the best experience in calling someone from your computer with Skype, you should probably invest in a headset with a microphone. This also helps you keep your phone call more private, which is particularly useful if you need to use Skype at the local coffee shop to make a phone call.