How to Fix This is probably not the site you are looking for error

Google Chrome offers a fairly ambiguous warning when you arrive at what’s supposed to be a secure site. For instance, if you think you are typing in the secure URL for Bank of America, but don’t get the URL quite right, you will see a red window with a big box that says: This is probably not the site you are looking for! In most cases, the site is the one you are looking for, you just need to change your approach slightly because the security certificate assigned to the site doesn’t recognize the URL path you used to get there.

You can fix Chrome browser errors reading This is probably not the site you are looking for! simply by changing the URL you used to arrive at the site. As you will see in the screen shot below, the certificate used at Bank of America only works if you go to

In my example, I went to (notice no www in the URL). Both website addresses go to the same place, but the security certificate used by Bank of America doesn’t work if you don’t use www in your address bar.

The easy fix for this is to always visit the secure site by using https://www at the begining of the Bank of America website address. Other sites will have slightly different changes required to access the address they authorize as secure, so be sure to adjust your typing habits accordingly.

Note: Since originally publishing this article, Bank of America added a redirect to automatically fix this issue, but you may experience the same issue visiting other sites.