Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e and ThinkVision Coupon Code Discount

I really like my Lenovo ThinkVision L2440p monitor. The 24-inch screen and 1900×1200 resolution are perfect for the type of work I’m doing with video and photos. It’s also fabulous for seeing more lines on a spreadsheet at once, but that’s not nearly as sexy. I paid for that ThinkVisionL2440p and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I’ve also been reviewing a couple of ThinkVision L2250p monitors coupled with an ThinkCentre M75e provided by Lenovo. I like that the M75e can easily drive FOUR Monitors without feeling a drag on the system. With that in mind, I’m letting you know about a Lenovo offer that expires on December 31, 2010.

Lenovo is currently running a promotion with ThinkCentre M75e hardware in both the small form factor and tower configurations. When you buy 2 of those ThinkVision L2250p monitors using coupon code USPM75EBUNDLE at the same time you purchase a ThinkCentre M75e, you get $75 off the purchase price, which makes that second monitor $175, which is a sweet deal.
Some tips if you configure a purchase: Be sure to switch to Windows 7 64-bit in the configuration so you can take advantage of more RAM. Upgrade the RAM to 8GB. Consider adding a second video card so you can drive four monitors (trust me on this one, you’ll love it). And of course add the monitors to the cart. You can automatically add the second monitor simply by entering the ThinkVision coupon code USPM75EBUNDLE in your cart.
You can see the small form factor M75e below with 4 ThinkVision monitors. Start configuring your ThinkCentre M75e now
ThinkCentre M75e with 4 ThinkVision monitors