Auto-Tune for Windows

“Is there any software that can do autotune for Windows? I want to autotune like T-Pain does in his songs.”
Auto-tune is basically a pitch correction that changes notes that are slightly off pitch to being on pitch. In other words, auto-tune is a way to correct your pitch if you aren’t a professional trained singer. It also comes in handy if you simply want to add electronic effects to your vocal tracks. There are a number of Windows apps that can perform auto-tune pitch correction with varying degrees of complexity.

My personal favorite app to do auto-tune for Windows is Mixcraft. The app includes a pitch correction feature that performs auto-tune pitch adjustments by dropping the pitch on a note by 24 semitones or raising it by 12, which should be enough to add an auto-tune pitch correction to even the flattest singer.
When you download and install Mixcraft, you can import your audio file and start using the pitch correction feature immediately to auto-tune on your Windows computer.
It might take you some time to be the next T-Pain or even nail the auto-tune so that you get the exact pitch corrections you want, but the Mixcraft interface is simple enough that it won’t take you long to get from where you started to a result you can be proud of.
In addition to being a solution for auto-tune for Windows, Mixcraft is a full featured audio editing and loop building music editor. You can include MIDI loops, Apple GarageBand loops, and Sony Acid loops in your music creations. Mixcraft supports live audio recording, so you can record a vocal track before you auto-tune. A keyboard piano helps you compose your music bed, so you can build songs made for your auto-tuned vocals. All-in-all, Mixcraft is a one-stop shop for the auto-tune obsessed music producer.