Smartphone Headset Feature Review: Etymotic hf2

Etymotic consistently makes great headphone products. The Etymotic hf2 takes that design to the smartphone headset market, providing an stereo audio experience for your phone calls, coupled with a wired microphone. One of the primary things I like about Etymotic headsets is noise isolation. Similar to wearing earplugs, the Etymotic hf2 headset reduces outside noise by 35-42 dB. This noise reduction dramatically improves your ability to hear the person on the other end of the call, while also reducing your need to crank the volume and possible damage your hearing in the process. The headphones also work as an excellent way to listen to music on your iPhone or Android phone anytime you aren’t on a call. The integration means you can easily listen to music, hear an incoming call, and switch from music to call without needing to change headsets in the process.

While the Etymotic hf2 headset doesn’t make you feel like a cast member on Star Trek, the way some of those blinking Bluetooth headsets might, I find it far easier to wear the Etymotic hf2 headphones for longer periods of time. Another advantage to the Etymotic hf2 headset is you can more easily avoid all the clipboard carrying fund raisers on the streets of downtown Seattle because they are more inclined to think you can’t hear them.

You can watch the video below to see a close up of the Etymotic hf2 headset and features included in the box.