US Bank Hacked Email Addresses – Logins Not Compromised

According to an email from US Bank titled Important Email Security Information, my email address (and presumably email addresses of other US Bank account holders) was compromised when Epsilon Interactive had an unauthorized entry into their computer system. Most of the rest of the world would say that Epsilon Interactive got hacked. US Bank Logins were not compromised in this attack, thankfully, as I’d hate to be worrying about the state of my bank account. If your email address was compromised, you might end up with a few more spam mailings in your inbox, and you might want to beware of targeted attacks trying to steal your US Bank login password, but the data compromise did not get your US Bank username and password.

Read the full details of the email from US Bank below. Be sure to call the number provided if you have any questions about your US Bank account. If you do get an email pretending to be US Bank asking for your bank card PIN, your US Bank password, or any other sensitive information, don’t trust it. Banks are pretty careful about how they interact with you, they won’t ask for personal information through email.
Here’s the full text of the email from US Bank about hacked email addresses:

As a valued U.S. Bank customer, we want to make you aware of a situation that has occurred related to your email address.
We have been informed by Epsilon Interactive, a vendor based in Dallas, Texas, that files containing your email address were accessed by unauthorized entry into their computer system. Epsilon helps us send you emails about products and services that may be of interest to you.
We want to assure you that U.S. Bank has never provided Epsilon with financial information about you. For your security, however, we wanted to call this matter to your attention. We ask that you remain alert to any unusual or suspicious emails.
Please remember that U.S. Bank will never request information such as your personal ID, password, social security number, PIN or account number via email. For your safety, never share this or similar information in response to an email request at any time. To learn more about recognizing online fraud issues, visit:
In addition, if you receive any suspicious looking emails, please tell us immediately.
Call U.S. Bank Customer Service at 800-US-BANKS (800-872-2657).
The security of your information is important to us, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. As always, if you have any questions, or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.