GarageBand for Windows – Mixcraft

Since Apple doesn’t make their GarageBand for Windows 10 (or Windows 7), I went looking for a viable alternative. Only one application is a functional alternative to GarageBand for PC. Download Mixcraft for a feature-packed audio editing and recording software made by Acousitca, with all the best features of GarageBand for Windows 7. Mixcraft is also a great alternative to GarageBand for Windows XP and Windows Vista. In many ways, I like Mixcraft on Windows better than GarageBand on Mac OS X.

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Like GarageBand, Mixcraft makes it easy to create a song in a matter of minutes. Mixcraft is compatible with Apple Loops used in GarageBand for Mac OS X. Mixcraft supports voice and instrument recording, both with virtual and real instruments. Beat matching and key changes happen on the fly in Mixcraft just like they do in GarageBand. As of Mixcraft 5, there’s an awesome Musical Typing Keyboard feature that lets you use your comptuer keyboard as if it were piano keys.

Download this GarageBand Alternative and try it for yourself to start making music on Windows 10, Windows 7, or older versions of Windows.

Mixcraft includes a number of features that make creating music and producing audio recordings simple. You can auto-tune like T-Pain, just like you can with GarageBand, but here are some of the highlights that make this a must-have GarageBand style audio app for your Windows computer:

Mixcraft Musical Typing Keyboard

Turn your computer keyboard into a piano or other virtual instrument. The MTK makes it simple to translate your music ideas into notes in your Mixcraft song. Whether you are recording songs for your garage band, making music for the church choir, or simply plunking out notes, this digital piano makes a great solution for getting the notes from your head to the page.

Mixcraft Musical Typying Keyboard layout

Mixcraft Musical Notation Interface

After you complete your composition, you can create a music score from your composition complete with full notation for sharing with musicians who want to play your music.

Mixcraft music notation example to show what your composition looks like as a music score

WaveRT Exclusive Mode

Windows has a feature that allows you to bypass the operating system to access audio hardware directly, which reduces latency and translates to more accurate recording with Mixcraft.

Mixcraft Preferences screen with Sound Device settings open

Mixcraft Soundboard Mixer Interface

If you’ve ever worked directly with a physical soundboard, the mixer interface in Mixcraft will look familiar. You can adjust virtual knobs right inside Mixcraft to achieve the same customization you expect from a mechanical sound mixing system.

Mixcraft virtual soundboard interface with volume levels and knobs for adjusting sound settings

Mixcraft Instrument Emulator Software

Mixcraft supports instrument emulation, which allows you to get sounds that approximate real world instruments. Want the sound of a 1968 Les Paul playing through a Marshall stack? There’s a good chance you will be able to dial in the exact sound you want without needing to connect the actual hardware. For that Seventies keyboard vibe, the Lounge Lizard Sessions dials in the sweet sounds of a Fender Rhodes along with a number of Wurlitzer electric pianos.

Mixcraft virual instrument collection with a set of electric piano options from the Lounge Lizard series visible

Mixcraft is an effective replacement for GarageBand on any version of Windows. You can download Mixcraft to try it out, or order today for $74.95.

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