How do you share your recorded videos?

I periodically post poll questions to my Facebook Fan Page. While I’m certainly not unique in doing this, my reason for the questions might be. I’m hoping to glean some information about how readers use video in their daily lives so I can get a better understanding about how I should be tailoring the articles I write. For instance, I’ve written many articles about YouTube and creating DVDs, because historically those have been the two most popular ways people like you have shared video content. I’m trying to find out if I’m still covering the right information with regard to the way you share your videos, so if you could take a couple seconds and answer the survey, that would be great. If I missed an important option, be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

Here’s a preview of the question:
How do you share your recorded videos?

  • I don’t (they stay on my PC or phone)
  • I upload videos to YouTube
  • I make DVDs for friends and family
  • I email videos to friends and family
  • I upload videos to Facebook
  • I share them on sites not included on this list