A Better Windows SSH Client – Private Shell

For years, I’ve used PuTTY as my SSH client on various versions of Windows. While PuTTY has a tiny footprint, it lacks some ease of use I’d prefer when working with things like SSH key management and more effectively handling things like copy and paste between my local machine and the remote computer I connected to. Enter Private Shell, a better Windows SSH client by virtually any measure. Possibly the best reason to use Private Shell is easy of key management, I’ve never found it easy to manage key pairing on a Windows computer, but with Private Shell I never have to think about it, the steps are right there easy to follow. Copy and paste between the remote computer and your local Windows computer are greatly simplified, making it a snap to store frequently used commands in a text file or clipboard manager for ready use. You can securely store connections for later use, including stored connections to most popular databases including MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle, as well as CVS or SVN repository access. Should you want to connect using VNC or a secure connection to an email server, Private Shell handles those too.

Download Private Shell
In addition to acting a shell client, Private Shell also works as an SFTP or SCP client for file transfer. You can download files using Private Shell and resume a download if it fails during the process. A number of cryptography settings are configurable, allowing you to use the encryption you need for virtually any situation.
Private Shell SSH Key Manager