Hybrid Cloud Security

Most companies have a fair degree of experience defending their own data centers or at least have a trusted partner managing data center security. For companies who put their infrastructure in a public cloud provider, like AWS or Rackspace, there are plenty of security models to follow as well. But what about companies that move data from their in-house data center to the public cloud and back again?

Hybrid cloud environments that combine in-house infrastructure as a service in the company data center, with additional capacity in public cloud environments, face some slightly different challenges. Data may be protected in the data center. It may also be protected once it’s in the cloud. But what about when data is in transit between the two? Are there unique vulnerabilities that need to be accounted for? Does creating a link between the data center and a public cloud provider create additional vulnerabilities?

I spoke with Ben de Bont about these challenges at HP Discover. The video interview below is the result of that conversation.