Adding a Header Row in Google Sheets

Is there a way I can add a header row to Google Sheets?

In almost every spreadsheet I create, the top row includes headers describing information in all the cells in a given column. That row persists as you scroll down through the cells and makes it easy to continue to understand the information you are looking at. Microsoft Excel makes it simple to create a header row, but Google Sheets is a little less obvious.

Assuming you want Row 1 of your spreadsheet to be your header row, following the steps below will make it easy to create a header in your Google Sheets.
First enter the text in each cell of your header. You can apply text treatments like bold, underline, or background colors to make the header text stand out. Once you’ve got the text entered, click one of the cells in row one so that it is highlighted.

Next you go to the View menu and choose Freeze from the menu, followed by 1 row. This freezes the current row, allowing you to scroll the document and still see the header information at the top as you scroll through it.

google sheets header

If you have a secondary header further down in your spreadsheet, repeat the same steps above and choose the row you want to freeze in order to have an additional header.